Climate Control

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Climate Control and Weather Reports are two Ballpark Renovations introduced in the Semi-Centennial that control and change the game's Weather.


Climate Control is a Renovation that causes the weather to change every inning of a game, being pulled from the Weather Reports. The Weather Reports is read at the start of the inning, and are used to produce a new Weather condition based on a historical season. All observed weather reports have started with "A new Weather Report arrived from History", and continued with one of the following:

Weather Report Weather
A wave washed over the plane. Reverb
Immateria flooded the plane. Flooding
Coffee Threes now. Coffee 3s
The Black Hole burped. Black Hole
A deafening noise rang. Feedback
The drain began to gurgle. Bloodrain
Birds swarmed the air. Birds
How exciting. Glitter
The Salmon started running. Salmon
Beans began to fly. Coffee
Coffee poured all over. Coffee 2
The sky darkened. Solar Eclipse
The small Sun rises. Sun .1
Numbers go up. Polarity


Climate control and Weather Reports first appeared in the Ballpark of the Vault Legends, the ILB Historical Preservation Site. This Ballpark hosted the ILB Semi-Centennial game, which was scheduled to last 50 innings.


  • Climate Control is also the name of a Decree from Season 18 that failed to pass - although the Decree was meant to allow players to build weather reducing Ballpark Renovations