Charleston Shoe Thieves/Beta/Season 18

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In Season β18 the Charleston Shoe Thieves finished last in Mild Low.

The Choux's Fax Machine started activating frequently following The Games Swap. Starting with Season 18 and for the rest of the Expansion Era, the Choux's Fax Machine was the most active Fax Machine in the league.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation
Shadow Lineup Shadow Rotation


Stadium Renovations

During Latesiesta, the Shoe Thieves built 2 renovations.

  • Teamicon shoe thieves.png
    Ballpark Cleanup - 3,409,119 Coins Spent
    • The Choux was cleaned up! It is no longer Filthy.
  • Teamicon shoe thieves.png
    Forwardness - - 3,208,583 Coins Spent


The Shoe Thieves were listed as top contributors to the Hawai'i Fridays with 11%.

Roster Changes

In Season 18, the Shoe Thieves experienced a Reverb, six Faxes, two Consumer attacks and an allergic reaction:

The Shoe Thieves entered Party Time on Day 86 and experienced 3 parties:

Notable Games

MVP Voting

See the main article on this topic: Idols#Season 18

Following Day 99, Goodwin Morin was in 7th place on the Idol Board, and Tillman Henderson was in 8th place. They were both among the 9 players to be named MVP for the season.
Goodwin's Ego++++ was upgraded to Legendary, Goodwin was Vaulted and removed from the Charleston Shoe Thieves' lineup. Tillman Henderson gained Ego+.

  • Goodwin Morin  Ego++++ ->  Legendary
  • Tillman Henderson +  Ego+

Election Outcomes


  • Teamicon shoe thieves.png
    Alternate Trust
    • The Shoe Thieves choose Ren Hunter to receive an Alternate Trust.
    • Ren Hunter's Alternate is called.
      • +  Alternate
      • Combined 9.5 9.6
    • Ren Hunter feels renewed.
      • -  Attractor
    • Alternate Ren Hunter arrived with Negative.
      • +  Negative
    • Alternate Trust - 24% of all Shoe Thieves Will Votes
      This Filing - 94% of Shoe Thieves Alternate Trust Votes
      Final Odds - 22% chance of happening.
  • Teamicon shoe thieves.png
    • The Shoe Thieves choose to reroll Esme Ramsey's Haunted mod.
    • Esme Ramsey re-rolled from Haunted to Flippers.
      •  Haunted ->  Flippers
    • Reform - 24% of all Shoe Thieves Will Votes
      This Filing - 3% of Shoe Thieves Reform Votes
      Final Odds - 1% chance of happening.


Post Election