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Buddy (often pronounced Budy) became the mascot of the Canada Moist Talkers at the start of Season β8 after Commissioner Vapor brought him to practice one day. He is a very good boy.

E-splorts Career

Although once a phenom in the Flortnite competitive scene, thanks to his owner Commissioner Vapors laborious training and steady diet of Gamer Gruel™ (A healthy mixture of Mountain Dew and boiled Monster Energy poured over a party-sized helping of Cool Ranch Doritos), Budy has unfortunately lost his competitive edge due to losing his ability to take winning more seriously at the expense of fun. Although his coach has considered transferring him to another, more winning-oriented location, this has widely been seen as a bad decision which could be seen as humorous by members of the Flortnite community.

Care Instructions

Budby is to be carefully attended to by his owner, Commissioner Vapor, and fed Gamer Gruel at 9am, 12pm, and 6pm. Buddy must be regularly coated with the leavings inside empty Dorito bags, or he might get sad. It is highly recommended he go for regular walks daily, however if this interferes with E-Training, it can be pushed back. During games, it's strongly suggested that a video of "Sick Flortnite Dubs" be put on loop, so as to distract Budy from CV being gone.