Brock Forbes/IF-25.39

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Forbes is best known for topping the Forbes list of Worst Blaseball Pitchers, as well as the list of Worst Pitchers Named Forbes. They are also known to be a stoner and prophet of the Olde One, their visions often beckoning the Great Crab Reckoning, though their gift of prophecy does not seem to aid their sporting ability and as such has not been ruled against. Brock Forbes frequently switches places with an assorted number of interdimensional counterparts.

Early Career

Brock Forbes did not try out for the Baltimore Crabs, or any other blaseball team. They entered the Crabs' stadium under the influence of a "fat joint" according to eye witnesses and fell asleep in the dugout, a slumber which lasted five years.

During a game, they were handed a blaseball bat and hat by Crab Scott and in response joined the pitching line up immediately. Forbes wanders on and off the field frequently, possibly due to their drug induced state or perhaps related to their visions. They succeed in letting go of a pitch two percent of the time.

Brock selected the number 69 for themselves. When quizzed on the meaning of this number by ESPN (ExoSkeletal Player News), Brock simply chuckled and answered with "Oh, you know." They had their jersey specifically embroidered with the number turned on its side.

Season 5 Playoffs : "The Brock Game"

Brock is known for delivering an outstanding pitching from Game 2 of first round's Season 5 Playoffs, allowing only two points from the Moist Talkers after eleven innings and granting the Crabs their very first ever win in the post-season.

Interdimensional Time Share

It is unknown exactly when Brock Forbes began sharing physical space with an unlimited number of interdimensional doubles, but it appears to have begun before Forbes' time with the Crabs.

Crabs fans tell conflicting tales of the origins of this "timeshare". Crabitat snack sellers have suggested that Forbes was a quarter short for a jumbo smoothie and a cosmic entity offered to pay the missing change in exchange for signing his blood on an interdimensional subletting agreement. Merch pilferers that live in the stadium rafters say it was because they tried asking for a refund on a jersey that was too large.

Internet forums are often ablaze with rumors that Brock's copious consumption of cannabis opened his mind to the cosmos and prepared his physical realm for occupation by other entities. Others suggest that it's the other way around, as Brock has been confirmed to suffer from chronic migraines; perhaps a mind too open has its consequences.

It is a common legend among Maryland playground children that the Mother Crab itself gave Brock this role as a vanguard for the Great Crab Reckoning; Splorts Inundated instead suggested it was an out-of-the-box strategy by Crabs coach the Clawricle. Forbes has refused to comment on any connection between their gift/curse and the Mother Crab, saying only that "that was a chapter of my life I closed long ago."

Regardless of origins, Brock Forbes has been at various times perceived as a doper prophet, a swarm of sea shells, a horseshoe crab floating in Old Bay brackish water, a part-man part-lobster, and a visitor from an alien world who knows only the sport "baseball." The only things that these entities all share are the name "Brock Forbes," team loyalty for the Baltimore Crabs, jersey number 69, and current status as a three star pitcher.