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Rumor / Community Lore
This article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community. It is just one of many Rumors that we've found in the Interdimensional Rumor Mill. You can find more Rumors about Brock Forbes at their Rumor Registry.

Dimensional Anomaly Gang

Brock Forbes, Sutton Dreamy, and Parker Parra found shared connection with one another as anomalous beings on the team.

Brock and Parker share a love of abstract higher maths, particularly topology. They once explained to other Crabs that, while Brock lies on every parallel universe at once, Parker intersects this universe from outside of the multiverse, making them essentially perpendicular to one another. Nobody is sure if this is supposed to be a weird math joke or something, so they laugh just in case.

Brock and Sutton don't have too much in common, but Brock feels a particular need to make sure she's doing well, in part because she was manifested by Combs Duende who was one of their closest friends. Sutton can enjoy Brock's company, but it has not been confirmed as to whether this is because she cannot read his dreamscape at all which makes him a mystery, whether their interdimensional time share renders them immune to her self-diagnosed dream parasitism, or whether she can actually perceive Brock's psyche more clearly than anyone but his mother ever could and therefore is able to navigate all of the psychological and emotional barriers they've put up. They enjoy sitting around and zoning out together, nobody has actually confirmed if Sutton is high or sober during these chillouts.

Passing the Torch

In season 13 when the Crabs returned from The Big Leagues, they called up Jacoby Podcast from the shadows; recruiting them to the Crabs rotation. Podcast was quick to see Forbes as a mentor, both in play and outside the diamond. The two of them had similar pitching styles and Forbes was quick to explain the finer points of his plays when Podcast asked. The two fell into a comfortable routine of communication and practice, with Forbes being understanding of Podcast’s competitive nature and tendency to lay face down in the outfield when things weren’t going their way.

In season 16 after a tumultuous election, Forbes was now playing for the Boston Flowers and Podcast playing for the Ohio Worms. Forbes quickly realized just how much that relationship meant to him, and was quick to miss the firecracker of a pitcher that was Jacoby Podcast. Podcast was not receptive to attempts to reach out, with cries of being abandoned in Ohio despite reminders from other Worms that this was a regular outcome of the election. On Season 16 day 47 Forbes was able to force a reunion between the two when they played against one another in The Wormhole. The game went into extra innings, with Podcast letting up two home runs in the top of the 14th to end the game.

They refused to speak to Forbes afterwards.

After a reverb of the Flower’s rotation, Forbes was given another opportunity to pitch against his student on day 75. The game once again went into extra innings, with the Worms being shamed with 2 runs in the bottom of the 10th. This time when Podcast attempted to snub their mentor, Forbes simply applied their considerable experience in martial combat to immobilize Podcast while he talked about his feelings. It is not clear what was said in The Garden but in the weeks since the two have been seen hesitantly meeting up when not in games to practice together.

When speaking of the relationship Forbes has been quoted as saying “It’ll be nice to have a legacy that is more than betrayal.’’