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This article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community. It is just one of many Rumors that we've found in the Interdimensional Rumor Mill. You can find more Rumors about Bonk Jokes at their Rumor Registry.

One Joke Too Many

Bonk Jokes is an amalgam made up of an incredible number of bones, souls, and blood. After the incineration of former player Annie Roland, Yellowstone pitcher Logan Rodriguez tasked himself with the creation of a replacement. His solution was to use the vast amount of blood gained as a Siphon to preform the necromantic miracle which resulted in Jokes' creation, albeit with some side effects.

The large number of souls present in a single entity has led to some issues. No primary individual exists from this swirling mass, instead functioning as a shifting system akin to a plural human. Jokes manages this by switching out the bones which make of their core body, helping others to recognize the current dominant spirit. Several common personalities include a bison headed personality which often hits home runs, a many armed defender, and a lithe skeleton which consists only of a head, hips, and legs, that often steals blases.

Additionally, the choice of building materials has led to some issues with speech and perception. While the magical energies which hold together and propel Jokes allow for rudimentary hearing, the lack of ears, ear drums, and a general lack of biological systems can make hearing difficult. They generally rely on sign language, (taught by Yellowstone Batter Wyatt Glover) for on the field communications and other chaotic scenarios, but can hold conversations otherwise in quieter, off the field settings.

Finally, prolonged exposure to Logan Rodriguez has had adverse effects on Joke's personality. They describe the process of their creation as a "Six week long hellscape in which sick attempts at humor rained down like the fires of the apocalypse." Rodriguez remembers the period fondly and claims Jokes was "A great listener." This has resulted in a general negative reaction to any attempts at comedy told in Jokes' company, which often leads to the speaker getting walloped over the head, or as Jokes' would tell it, "Bonked." Jokes does however, have a deep love for dramas, poetry, and other "serious" works.

Regardless, Jokes manages to function as a competent and beloved, (if somewhat crabby,) member of the Yellowstone Magic.