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Bob E. Cagayan/IF-0.1867

Bob Eh Cagayan

Bob's middle name reflects their Canadian Heritage.

Bob E. Cagayan/IF-1.892

Bob Y. Cagayan

Bob's middle initial was changed inadvertently when they immigrated to the US by a shipping line clerk who failed to verify the correct spelling of their name.

Bob E. Cagayan/IF-18.271

Bob's middle name is actually the sound of a cathode-ray television left on in the next room over. This takes a long time to say, so he generally abbreviates it "E."

Bob E. Cagayan/IF-18.570

Robert "Bob" E. Cagayan

Bob's birth name was actually Robert, but he prefers to go by Bob.

Bob E. Cagayan/IF-21.552

Bob Egg Cagayan

Bob took his mother's maiden name as his middle name.

Bob E. Cagayan/IF-26.746

Bob Emergency Cagayan


Bob E. Cagayan/IF-28.686

Bob "Eyyyy" Cagayan

For some reason, people keep comparing Bob to the classic TV character "The Flonz" from Hlappy Days. Bob themself does not really see the similarities.

Bob E. Cagayan/IF-34.748

Bob "Exists" Cagayan

Bob exists.

Bob E. Cagayan/IF-57.168

Bob "Ert" Cagayan

Bob, or Bobert, had a completely unremarkable life prior to joining SIBR and then later being coerced to joining the batting lineup when the Society Data Witches formed.

Bob E. Cagayan/IF-5747.1

Bob "Statistenger English Red" Cagayan

Bob has taken up the role of "Statistenger English Red," the leader of the Statistenger's who protect the justice and the peace of the Infinite Los Angelos

Bob E. Cagayan/IF-5747.2

Bob "Statistenger Emerald" Cagayan

Bob has taken up the role of "Statistenger Emerald," the dark and brooding second-in-command of the Statistenger's who protect the justice and the peace of the Infinite Los Angeli.

Bob E. Cagayan/IF-5747.3

Bob "Statistenger Electric Purple" Cagayan

Bob has taken up the role of "Statistenger Electric Purple," the spunkiest member of the Statistenger's who often acts out in a rogue and brash manner to protect the justice and the peace of the Infinite Los Angeli.

Bob E. Cagayan/IF-5747.4

Bob "Statistenger Egyptian Blue" Cagayan

Bob has taken up the role of "Statistenger Egyptian Blue," the youngest and most inexperienced member of the Statistenger's. While he has an untapped well of natural power and emotional support, he has yet to learn the full responsibilities and diligence needed to protect the justice and the peace of the Infinite Los Angeli.

Bob E. Cagayan/IF-5747.5

Bob "Statistenger Ecru" Cagayan

Bob has taken up the role of "Statistenger Ecru," who is... just kinda there. I guess he does his part to help the Statistenger's who protect the justice and the peace of the Infinite Los Angeli?

Bob E. Cagayan/IF-65.209

Bob "Empanada" Cagayan

Bob got the nickname "Empanada" from the first office party where he brought an entire tray of empanadas.

Bob E. Cagayan/IF-65.912

Bob EXE Cagayan

Bob tried to make a program that could run on every Society Data Witches players' operating system. There were too many contradictory architectures - including Strike, Looking's punch cards and Turing Capybara's ticker tape - so he did not succeed, but the nickname stuck anyway.

Bob E. Cagayan/IF-67.0

Bob Elbereth Cagayan

Bob's middle name keeps them safe from dangerous monsters.

Bob E. Cagayan/IF-67.134

Bob "Block Game Inventory" Cagayan

When Cagayan tried to enter his middle name into ILB documentation, pressing E instead opened his inventory.

Bob E. Cagayan/IF-70.930

Bob Eduardo Cagayan

Bob's middle name comes from his great-grandfather.

Bob E. Cagayan/IF-75.685

Bob "Electric Slide" Cagayan

Bob received their nickname after completely unexpectedly pulling a sick shred on the Escher Complex grind rail, much to the surprise of their colleagues.

Bob E. Cagayan/IF-76.948

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Bob E. Cagayan/IF-78.433

Bob "End of Blaseball" Cagayan

Bob, like all Blaseball players in and out of the ILB, has been Released.

Bob E. Cagayan/IF-78.546

The "E." doesn't stand for anything. They misheard me while I was registering for the team. My name is Bobby Cagayan, I don't have a middle name. They won't listen to me. Please,,, I'm Bob- OH GOD OH FUCK THEY FOUND ME HEL-

Bob E. Cagayan/IF-81.242

Bob East Wind Cagayan

Bob is the Acting Headmixtrex of Strategic Identification of Bountiful Ron, the local riichi mahjong club.

Bob E. Cagayan/IF-82.658

Bob e Cagayan

Bob's middle name is the representation of the transcendental number e, reflecting his ties to the Society's mathemagicians.

Bob E. Cagayan/IF-83.174

Bob EverCrisp Cagayan

After the Coffee Cup, Bob started growing EverCrisp apples at the Escher Complex, and struck a deal with the ILB to sell them to the players as Concessions.

Bob E. Cagayan/IF-834.92

Bob's middle name is actually IIIII. Fans theorize that Bob sometimes suffers a 14.26% reduction in attribute-related performance as a result.

Bob E. Cagayan/IF-85.940

Bob Espleon Cagayan

Bob chose his middle name to reflect his favorite Plokemon.

Bob E. Cagayan/IF-85.974

Bob "Error" Cagayan

Bob is nicknamed not after any specific error they committed during a blaseball game (they actually have had a career 0 errors in total), but rather off of a error their name generated in an internal SIBR database during analysis.

Bob E. Cagayan/IF-90.656

Bob "E6" Cagayan

Bob is an average quality player in his community chess club. He has been given the nickname "E6" for his favorite opening move, Pawn E7 to E6.

Bob E. Cagayan/IF-90.657

Bob "Extrajudicial" Cagayan

Bob, a forensics scientist with the Society Data Witches Data Crimes Unit, is nicknamed "Extrajudicial" for their role within the New York Millennials v. Parker MacMillan III where they provided background forensic mathematical analysis to support the SIBR Council's witness testimony. Unfortunately, as this was deemed outside the scope of the court and math was subsequently banned, this became extrajudicial, hence the nickname.

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