Blaseball Official Anime

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Blaseball officials created the Blaseball Official Anime, titled Blaseball no Kokoro (Heart of Blaseball), in an attempt to usurp the massive power of “baseball” in Japan. Unfortunately, it was largely unsuccessful. However, many Blaseball fans look to it as an accurate and meaningful depiction of the splort, and when no games are on, streaming services have reported that it is one of the most streamed shows on their websites.

The anime was produced by Studio Blones in collaboration with blaseball officials. Production was announced two days before it was completed, and it was released a day later. Speculation of overworked animators arose, but Studio Blones put out a statement, saying:

“Everyone involved in the project was seized by the wondrous spirit of blaseball, and as a result the anime was finished early.”

Although the anime features actual blaseball teams, all players in the anime are made up.


Blaseball no Kokoro begins following rookie Steaks player Hana Saki after she hits the first home run of her career. It chronicles the rise of the Steaks as they work to win the series, as well as Hana’s growth in her skill at the splort, and the friends she makes as a player.