Blaseball Blacksmith

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Blaseball, the game, at a certain point in the forever long history of Blaseball, recognized the need for armaments. A blacksmith became the Blaseball Blacksmith, forever forging the weapons which which The Game is played. There is no centralized forge, there is no common mold. The Blacksmith now uses the heat of being and the craft of ages to manifest bats for all players of all leagues. He is chronically unstable. There have been rumors on teams of a "batsmith," but these have ambiguous relationships to The Blacksmith.

The Blacksmith manifests implements for any and all players at the moment of their desire for said implement. These "bats" are personal and unique, often crafted with a anthropomorphantasy core and shell of cedar, pine or similar earth-wood. A living Phoenix feather with a voice eerily similar to Gilbert Godfrieds embodies Wing's Pitcher Silvia Rugrat's "bat" (should she ever be given occasion to use it). Allison Abbott of the Seattle Garages famed Nail Bat is also a personalized implement.

The Blacksmith's only moment of consternation in the last millennia came upon the discovery of weapons, designs which never crossed his mind and are outside his realm of understanding. Jessica Telephone and York Silk, as such, are considered otherworldly. The Blacksmith does not differentiate from the wielder and the wielded.

He is close, interpersonal friends with Guy Flieri, and they have been seen sharing wings on multiple verandas in Italy.