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Bevan Wise/IF-13.007

Bevan The Wise

Bevan is also known as 'Bevan the Wise' and his wisdom is invaluable to the team, as he is the only player on the Magic who knows the forbidden lore.

  • An enigma of knowledge. Wise knows much and tells some, but seems burdened by some troubling revelations that often preoccupies his thinking.
  • Recreational spelunker turned arcanist, park ranger intern that rapidly climbed the ranks with a seemingly uncanny familiarity with Yellowstone and the biological knowledge therein.
  • Heavily protested Oscar Dollie's appearance and joining the team (despite Dollie's outstanding performance in tryouts) but won't explain why. The two regard each other coldly.
  • Wise has been keeping meticulous, secretive but detailed notes that are kept hidden under lock and key, with instructions leading to their revelation in the event of his untimely disappearance.
  • Wise has been caught sneaking off during extreme weather events in the park and spelunking without a mandatory safety-buddy. It is a growing issue on his otherwise spotless record.
  • Wise claims to have a third eye. Nobody who has seen Wise’s reported third eye has come forward to corroborate. When asked, he refuses to answer where it is located, or if it is even part of his body.

Time in Los Angeli

After arranging to allow Sexton Wheerer to trade to the Yellowstone Magic, Wise was dedicated to continuing the studies of previously incinerated Nicholas Vincent, and then Shelled physicist Felix Garbage, in hopes to connect the Cities to certain anomalies around Yellowstone itself.

  • While viewing science to be an inefficient form of magic, Wise noted much of Vincent’s research on the Infinite Cities in attempts to create a Moon Dial, theorized to aid in locating the Moon which had been destroyed in Season β10.
  • Tacos’ mascot Pepito conjured a taco-themed hat in replacement for Wise’s wizard hat upon arrival in LA, to which he solemnly nodded, affirming that “the pact {was} sealed”. What the pact was is currently unknown.
  • Though they joined the Tacos during the same Elections, teammate Fish Summer did not enjoy Wise’s attempt to summon out every fish at captain Mcdowell Mason’s favorite local pond. Wise countered that his method was “far more productive” than the traditional fishing practice.
  • While focused on research and exploration, Wise took many camping trips in his van prior to returning to Yellowstone.
  • Wise’s 'sick kicks' were a stand-out feature of his time in LA, earning him a spot alongside Basilio Mason for best fashion on the Tacos. Mason heavily objects to this ranking.

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