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Bevan Underbuck/IF-41.842


Underbuck is a scrappy underdog who always gives 110%, but given their utter lack of talent, that doesn't amount to much. Their previous team's coaching staff believed that if Underbuck could dial it up to 143%, they'd have a real shot at The Underleagues. Underbuck's parents were known to be good friends with the Jazz's ownership, and major donors to the Breckenridge Jazz Hands Charitable Trust.

Underbuck is also an impressive jazz flautist.

Possession by Landry Violence

In semi-finals of postseason Season 2, an arrangement was made with the Hades Tigers to have Landry Violence possess Underbuck for a little help in beating the Pies. While in this state, he was referred to as Bevan Violence and switched to he/him pronouns. While Underbuck struggled to contain this newfound power, in the bottom of the fifth inning of Day 105 he hit an unprecedented 3-run homer.

Underbuck is renowned for being one of the few Blaseball players to have of a Landry Violence possession alive, though not entirely whole. Since then, Underbuck has been known to simply stand in a corner and stare blankly at the ground as if waiting for something. When asked about the legendary homer in a postgame interview, they had to say "I have been into the soul of Violence, and it has been into me. Look upon my marks, and tell me that there is salvation in our future." They also became significantly hotter.

Trade to the Hawai'i Fridays

After Underbuck's trade to the Fridays, their former fugue state seemed to have loosened, fueled by the soft ocean breeze, abundance of frosty beverages, and the ability to "jam" with fellow musicians James Mora and Stevenson Heat at the team's cookouts. Although they still displayed traces of their dark past at times, they were helped by Terrell Bradley, who pledged to be sure that "his kid makes it through all this just fine." During their time in Hawai'i, Underbuck also started practicing the traditinoal Hawai'ian flute, the hano.

Trade to the Crabs

After being traded to the Crabs, Underbuck pitched the team's only win of Season 11, and is the first and only pitcher in ILB history to have a confirmed win in The Big Leagues. Details about the game are sparse, though teammates report that Underbuck "dialed it up to 173%"

Post-Descension, Underbuck has embraced their status as a crepuscular creature and retreated into the Crabs' shadows. They act as a liaison between the team's active roster and their bullpen. According to Underbuck, the shadow roster is "pretty nice, usually," and that "[they're] teaching me to be rude. I'm rude now. Sorry." Underbuck has been seen with fellow shadows player and alleged sorceress Enid Marlow, who is reportedly helping them embrace their abilities as a medium, and is teaching them dark magic.

The Expansion Era

As more and more players began to leave the shadows, Underbuck couldn’t help but be disappointed. While the break was welcome after their hectic career, they began to grow restless. They took advantage of their relative freedom to make several visits to both Breckenridge and Hawai’i to see old friends and teammates. Nonetheless still missed the camaraderie they had with the teams when they were actually playing in the splort, even when they began to attend the shadow practices being held by Axel Campbell that were often only attended by a handful of other shadow players.

It was an unexpected connection with Kennedy Loser that helped move Underbuck back towards the game towards Season 15, when Loser began to experience intense haunting, preventing him from being able to lead the team. Underbuck found that they might be the perfect person to help their captain both from their own firsthand experience from their past with Violence, and from the occult teachings that Marlow had been passing on. Believing that the excess haunting was due to the limited opportunity for places to pass through the veil, Underbuck took up a job as an unassuming bellhop in a nearby hotel. Their plan was simple - to create conduits for ghosts in the empty rooms of the hotel, and draw spirits there instead of to Loser.

Some may say this worked too well, as by Season 17 Loser was feeling better than he had in a long time, and the hotel was so haunted that Underbuck was able to discreetly inform the managers of the Crabs Howard and Dwayne that there was a very haunted hotel available for cheap if they were interested - and so was born the Clawliday Inn. Even if it wasn’t the role they were expecting on the Crabs, Underbuck found they enjoyed the experience, and kept the job (while making sure to still attend practice).

The Event Horizon

As season 24 began and the Crabs began to make their way towards the Black Hole (Black Hole), Underbuck was an unexpected detractor from the plan, though they understood why the team was doing it. Between their last game in the Big Leagues and the early incineration of the Hawai’i Fridays, Underbuck was eager to take a shot at the next god they could find, however they had to admit that the prospect of leaving the game entirely, just like Landy Violence before them, was a tempting offer. As the team headed towards the Horizon Underbuck did make several requests to Finn James to see if they could “could borrow a chair to take a turn on those consumers

Bevan Underbuck/IF-73.842


Bevan Underbuck is a Late Cretaceous, 72-million-year-old, bird-like dromaeosaurid theropod dinosaur. The holotype specimen was discovered in 1993 by 14-year-old fossil hunter York Silk. The skeleton that Silk discovered was approximately 95 percent complete. Because of its completeness, it has been compared to the 'Rlosetta Stone' that enabled archaeologists to translate Egyptian hieroglyphics. The completeness and undistorted qualities of the bones were critical in helping scientists further understand the dinosaur-bird link.

Research indicated that Bevan may have had mutually opposable first and third fingers and a forelimb maneuverability that would allow the hand to reach its mouth. This would have given the animal the ability to "hold" food in its front limbs and place it in its mouth, in a similar manner to some modern-day small mammals. However, Bevan lacked the ability to bring their arms past a suborbital position, resulting in them being a little bit terrible at Blaseball.

After being wrangled into a Jazz Hands uniform, Bevan performed admirably for a 72-million-year-old, bird-like dromaeosaurid theropod dinosaur. Indeed, despite lacking the maneuverability to throw a ball or swing a bat, Bevan managed to play the flute very well. Furthermore, like all theropods, Bevan could not pronate their hands, and thus, was physically incapable of doing jazz hands. Research into if this played a role in their eventual expulsion from the team has been inconclusive.

Trade to the Fridays

When the call for the trade to the Hawai'i Fridays was made, Bevan was once again put through the arduous process of receiving a new uniform for the team. The Fridays were happy to welcome their latest addition, though they did note that the climate did not seem to agree with their new dromaeosaurid theropod teammate. Bevan did notably gain an ally with fellow theropod Fletcher Yamamoto, despite their evolutionary separation of 72 million years.

Trade to the Crabs

Once Bevan was traded to the Crabs to ascend, their jazz handlers declared that they "are not getting Bevan into another uniform" and promptly quit on the spot.

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