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This is the page for the category of living organisms, Beugs, also known as buegs. You may have been looking for the compluter error of the same name, the Bueg.

A beug is a funky little critter, similar to but disparate from other critters such as a Blug. They are of small size, though some specimens can grow to exceptional size, and most fall under the Homoptlera suborder of crealtures.


National Beug Day

National Beug Day, implemented alongside the Beug Accord of 19XX, is a day in which the public gathers together to celebrate beugs. National Beug Day has become somewhat famous for taking place upon a Schrödinger's Leap Year, and thus unpredictable in when it will arrive; to play it safe, some houses and businesses have begun decorating their adobe with beugs and beug-related memorabilia on all dates, "just in case".

The last National Beug Day was celebrated on Season β7, Day 88(2), immediately preceding the birthday of NaN. Blaseball fans took to the streets to celebrate these two very important causes, waving large foam models of beugs and tacos alike - surveys reported the highest national vibe level in █ years.

Facts about Beugs

-There is no law stating that a blaseball player cannot be a beug; however, such a thing has yet to come to pass, and it is thought that the presence of Gloria Bugsnax may be scaring them off.

-Beugs can see you!

-New scientific discoveries have attempted to put forth that dogs are, in fact, distantly related to beugs.

-The more fur a beug has, the more powerful it becomes.

-Let the beugs in your house.

-The reason National Beug Day is celebrated on a Schrödinger's Leap Year is because if it were celebrated every year, the beugs would grow too powerful.

-Let the beugs in your house!

-In 19XX, the Beug Accord was signed by Maurice Erika Gilgamesh and the President of Colorado, █████ ███████████████ ███. The declaration was widely praised for several sweeping additions to ordinary life, such as additional moss to be applied to all buildings above 50ft height, [DATA EXPUNGED], and hiring programs to be implemented to improve representation of Duende in jobs.

-This is why we are all beug.

-Let the beugs in your house