Base Dealing

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Base Dealing is a Team Modification, first seen after the Arcana Drawing in Season β13.


A Team with Base Dealing will have their team's Lineup advance in reverse order, beginning with the final batter, and advancing towards the first, rather than proceeding in the typical way of first to last.


The result of the Lovers' optimized Lineup with Base Dealing in mind.

San Francisco Lovers

During the Season 13 Earlsiesta, the San Francisco Lovers' card, XX Judgment , was drawn as the final card of the season's reading. The Lovers were immediately granted Base Dealing as a seasonal modification, and their Lineup was optimized with Base Dealing in mind, with their Lineup now being organized so that their worst hitter was in the first slot, and their best hitter was in the final slot.

This was the only instance of Base Dealing as of Season β24.