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Baby Triumphant/IF-53.476


Triumphant's form is notoriously difficult to grasp. He appears to fans as alternately a human infant no more than 9 months of age, a powerful grey alien humanoid, or the beautiful son of the San Francisco Lovers polycule by way of player Knight Triumphant.

Or so it would seem. Baby Triumphant is a tiny baby with massive, hypermuscular arms. They are very good at hitting because of their massive, hypermuscular arms and their tiny strike zone, but are bad at running the bases because they're a baby.

Like all of us, they are from Chicago. Her jersey number is 312.

Baby Triumphant/IF-93.446

Baby “Ruthless” Triumphant is the younger sibling of San Francisco Lovers batter Knight Triumphant. They earned their nickname due to their abrupt and occasionally aggressive attitude towards reporters, as well as their performance on the field. Their pronouns have been noted as “Whatever you’re not using,” as Triumphant prefers not to use the pronouns of anyone they are conversing with, due to their “disinterest in being thought of as similar to anyone.”

Like all of us, they are from Chicago. Their jersey number is 312.


Baby Triumphant is approximately 6’4” and broad. Reports on their exact physical description vary, but those two facts remain the same. Their age has been described as anywhere from “Eh, probably a coed?” to “Divisible by zero” to “Like… 28?”


Triumphant was raised in California with their older sibling. As Knight’s squire, they were trained in swordplay, heraldry, blaseball, and jousting. Some sources close to the Triumphants said that Baby was rarely seen away from Knight’s side, and that Baby’s name is owed to them being the younger Triumphant, constantly referred to as the ‘baby of the family’.

However, Knight’s rise to prominence as a blaseball star, questing knight, and Bay Area revolutionary caused their close relationship to grow somewhat strained. Baby departed San Francisco under circumstances that remain unspoken, but may or may not be related to Knight’s proposed budget for wildfire management. Carefully avoiding the Moab, Baby travelled east; eyewitnesses claim they used a variety of vehicles, including a Harley that was later reported stolen, a pale green vintage convertible of indeterminate make (but thought to be a 1964 Buick Skylark), and several horses.

Triumphant arrived in Chicago as the Great Chicago Blaseball Fire began, and, for lack of a better place to stop moving, answered the Call.


  • Occasionally attends Renaissance faires in the greater Chicago area, but generally goes anonymously so as not to attract attention.
  • Their pregame ritual is noted as “Amnesia.” Nobody is sure whether this is a joke or not, and any questions about it earn a confused, blankly polite stare.
  • Is currently teaching Caleb Alvarado how to swordfight.
  • Their terse but ultimately caring demeanor endears them to cats everywhere, leading them to their close bond with Socks Maybe.
  • Reports out of Flermilab suggest that there is ongoing investigation into whether Baby is Knight’s sibling or some sort of asexually reproduced clone. No matter the case, Baby insists they are younger than Knight.

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