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“To the inheritor of these pages,

Inside you will find the volume of my work. You may not understand at first, but you will. I’ve left instructions on how to safely seek answers to the questions you cannot resolve here. More importantly, I’ve left information on the Event and how to stop it. In the interest of openness, I’ve also left everything else. This includes some things you may already know, as well as some surprises; may it be of at least marginal value towards preventing the apocalypse.

Remain Inquisitive. As Above, So Below.

All the best,


  • King Weatherman can be trusted.
  • Oscar Dollie came from That Other Place. I know not why, but its intentions cannot be good for any of us. Nobody else seems to notice or care, as Oscar's blaseball skills are nearly unmatched on the team. This short-sightedness could be catastrophic. I will continue to keep my eye on it. However, it knows that I know.
  • The Evergreen must be prevented at all costs.
  • Ol' Faithful must be reclaimed; it is the only way to prevent Ragreenok.
  • Merlinmeyer means well, but if they do not relinquish Ol' Faithful when Armagreenon looms, Alf may need to be subdued.
  • Francisco Preston knows something, I don't know what it is.
  • A venture into the Bluesky may be needed in order to destroy The Artifact. I have outfitted Cory Twelve for this task; no organic life can be trusted to resist the thrall of its power, although a few guards may be needed to ensure Cory's safe arrival to The Frozen Caldera
  • I've already done everything I can.
  • Don't open the floodgates, no matter what you do.
  • The Bat can only be wielded by a true splortsman.
  • When the time comes, you must sacrifice what you love the most.
  • Please, don't litter.