Axel Trololol/IF-66.73

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Personal Life

Axel is a self-proclaimed "regular old guy". He likes cars, beer, and hanging with his pals. He has very generic features, some even claim he resembles an amalgamation of every single blaseball player overlain, despite simultaneously being a car. Axel is also known for his prehensile tail and his striking red hair. He is a member of the Flast Family from The Flast and the Flurious movie series.

Axel is the sibling of Charleston Shoe Thieves' batter Stu Trololol.

Cybernetic Enhancements

Following the end of Season β2, Axel Trololol voluntarily underwent cybernetic surgery under the hands of an umpire. When asked to comment on this enhancement, Trololol said "I love cars! I am one step closer to becoming a car! Soon, I will be a car!"

Trade to Chicago Firefighters

Following the end of Season 3, Axel Trololol was stolen by the Chicago Firefighters. Axel was apparently quite pleased with this, as upon entering The Fire House, he realized his true destiny was to become not a regular car, but a firetruck. His jersey number is now Truck 62, reflecting his status as the 62nd firetruck in Chicago.

Axel repurposed his Literal Arm Cannon as a firehose that he uses to both pitch balls and spray down the crowd with Royal Crown Malort. He reportedly said "I am now closer to vehicle than I am to man! I am glad!"

Trade to Baltimore Crabs

After the Firefighter's Season 5 championship, Axel was on cloud nine. He loved the team, but was also ready to move on. Due to some bizarre auditory feedback issues, the Gods were insisting that Axel could not be a pitcher as long as he remained on the Firefighters. After an offer to return to pitching with the Baltimore Crabs, Axel readily accepted and drove the 11 hours from Chicago to Baltimore in one sitting. Once he arrived at the beautiful waters of the Patapsco River, Axel knew he had to get out there. Now he is an amphibious truck boat, sailing free in Baltimore Harbor when he's not pitching wins. Axel reportedly said "I can never die! I am beautiful and love Blaseball! I am a water car!"