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Thumb Wars

Axel Trololol and Moist Talkers pitcher PolkaDot Patterson have been longtime friends since their days together throwing for the Breath Mints. As both of them have become maxed out pitchers, and the two most fingerful players in blaseball, they arrange to meet up yearly in the postseason to have a friendly thumb war with one another.

Most people know the rules for a thumb war, but they only play with one thumb each. With every added thumb, the game becomes vastly more complicated, and with as many thumbs as these two have, a single game of thumb war spills out over about a week, and is an incredibly dramatic affair with highs and lows that bring most viewers to tears. The thumb war between the two is often streamed live for fans across the world to see, and the community that formed around it has delved deep into optimal thumb strategies for both sides, creating pages upon pages of fanwork telling the story of every battlescarred finger as it crawls across the trenches, commentating live as fingers, writhing in bloodlust, destroy one another, are born, live, and die on the endless battlefield of fingers.

Fingers are often grouped into battalions, and subgrouped into companies, though Axel or PolkaDot have both entertained switching fingers up across division lines to finagle an underhanded flank against the other. Subcommunities form around each battalion and sometimes around certain individual fingers and follow their personal stories, even though they are not subject to the machinations of the hands that play the game and only their consequence. Much of the lore around these digits can be found on the Thumb War Wiki.