Annie Roland/IF-95.967

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Rumor / Community Lore
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Annie Roland was an avid hiker who had a lot of interesting friends. One of them was Bevan Wise, who invited her to hike in the Yellowstone area when she had the chance. As an arcanist and spelunker, Wise takes any chance he can get to enthuse about his team's incredible park, and he convinced Annie to visit and see what the place had to offer.

At first it offered amazing views, majestic waterfalls, and enough wild animals to shake a blaseball bat at, if you wanted to shake a blaseball bat at them. Annie was munching a granola bar and watching a bear catch salmon in a river on day 40 of Season β5. She didn't really follow blaseball, and hadn't known it was ill advised to be so close to the game.

When Richardson Turquoise was incinerated, another player needed to be added to the game. Blaseball has to keep going, after all.

The problem isn't so much that Annie was pulled into the game, but that she was sort of pulled through the bear, who came along at the same time. Now Annie Roland is a player for the Yellowstone Magic. She seems pretty enthusiastic about the whole thing, even though she turns into a bear sometimes now. Or the bear comes back and lets Annie take a break? It's a little confusing. But she's strong and able to take the hot blaseball sun and she doesn't have to go back to whatever job she had before this. Things are looking up.