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Ambush is a team modification, currently only appearing as the evolution modification of the ILB's Hades Tigers.


A capture of the election results from Season 12. The capture is of the passed decree, Based Evolution, and its effect on the season's championship team, the Hades Tigers.

In Season β12, the decree Based Evolution passed. This decree stated that on a team's third championship win, the Team and its Players would evolve. While the Baltimore Crabs were the first team to win the championship thrice, the Crabs ascended in Season 10, before the Based Evolution decree was passed.

The Hades Tigers won the championship in the ILB's 2nd, 3rd and 12th season and were the first to evolve, confirming the effects of Based Evolution. Every active player on the Tiger's championship roster reached Base 1 evolution, raising those player's minimum stat thresholds. The team also evolved and was granted a new team modification, Ambush.

While most players in the Hall of Flame were statistically worse than most Tigers and active Internet League Blaseball players at the time, the Tigers often modified their stadium in hopes of Ambush activating. Despite having one of the lowest fortifications in the League, it took seven seasons for Ambush to activate. Notably, Igneus Delacruz is the only incineration caused by any stadium's lowered Fortification.


"When a Player is incinerated in a game this Team is playing, a Hall of Flame Player will join their Shadows."

Ambush is a team modification that activates when a player is incininerated in a Hades Tigers game, regardless of team, and sends a random deceased player into the Tigers' Shadows. Due to the Tigers having the team modification Fireproof, Ambush has only activated from incinerations of active players from opposing teams. It is currently unknown if team incinerations can activate Ambush.

When Ambush activates, the incineration text is changed. In addition to the text declaring a player is incinerated and their replacement, the following text is appended, with the Ambushed player's name in place of "Player Name".

An Ambush.
Player Name enters the Tigers' shadows.

Upon Ambush, three events appear on the Ambushed player's feed. The first two events are unique to the Ambush modification, while the third is the standard shadow boost from a player entering a team's shadows.

Archie Lampman's feed in chronological order.

Player Name exited the Hall of Flame.

Player Name joins the Ambush.
🐅+ Player Name, Shadows

Player Name entered the Shadows.

Unlike deceased players who return to the league due to wills or blessings, Ambushed players return with no new modification. Currently, the Ambushed players appear to be completely random. In addition, the modification is not restricted to players from the Internet League Blaseball or to revealed teams.

This was shown on Season 22, day 24 when Archie Lampman was Ambushed upon the incineration of Yong Wright. Unlike the previous Ambushes, Lampman was a shadows player from the ULB's deceased Mallorca Whales. At the time, none of the Mallorca Whales' entries the Library had been revealed, making them the first ULB team discovered by Ambush. Previously, Lampman had haunted player Kennedy Loser, but this did not reveal their previous team. As their death was likely due to the Whales getting incinerated as a team, their player page also had a unique event:

Archie Lampman was pulled from the incinerated Whales.
❓- Archie Lampman

After the Mallorca Whales were uncovered, the emoji changed to the Mallorca Whales' whale emoji (🐋).

Ambushed Players

Date Ambushed Player Incinerated Player Game
Season β19, Day 15 Tyler Violet Wichita Toaster Mexico City Wild Wings vs Hades Tigers
Season β19, Day 22 Thomas Kirby Igneus Delacruz Ohio Worms vs Hades Tigers
Season β19, Day 42 Cedric Gonzalez Carmelo Plums Hades Tigers vs Chicago Firefighters
Season β22, Day 24 Archie Lampman Yong Wright Mexico City Wild Wings vs Hades Tigers

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


As a direct consequence of the necromancy of Jaylen Hotdogfingers, Tigers players Moody Cookbook, Mclaughlin Scorpler, Yazmin Mason, and Frasier Shmurmgle were famously made unstable then incinerated. Tragically, but hilariously, new player Frasier Shmurmgle was incinerated only 39 days after replacing Scorpler. Since then, the Tigers have famously sworn against necromancy, its associated consequences, and especially against the rogue umpires responsible for their deaths. Lesser known is the Tiger's pledge to rescue the deceased and to free the players from the Hall of Flame without debt.

In Season 12, the Tigers Evolved, both as a team and as individuals. All players who have evolved while on the Tigers, from that point on, are known to have tiger-like stripes on some part of their body. This coincided with the release of a ceremony held with the Presence that would allow a deceased player to return without the consequences of Debt or Returned. It is unknown if the Tigers discovered this ritual independently or due to ILB management, only tht they claimed their methods were genuine. However the Tigers revealed that their ritual had a flaw. The only way the Presence can pull someone out of the Hall was when the door to the Hall of Flame was already open due to an incineration.

Despite the public nature of their modification, fans and players alike were skeptical. Others criticized the Tigers as cruel, either for the selective nature of the ritual or for neccesary death. The tiger stripes were thought to be a cosmetic show of pride until Season 19, day 15.

It was the incineration of Wild Wings player Wichita Toaster, and the first incineration during a Tigers game since Season 12. Mysteriously, all the marks on the Hades Players briefly flared gold. On that day, cameras and fans have caught videos of the Tiger's mascot, the Presence, suddenly bounding into the field and on its back was Tigers player Ren Morin. Due to an allergic reaction in Season 12, Morin had retired from active play and had become known for his cafe while on the roster as a Shadows player. The two disappeared shortly after as an announcement was made that former Canada Moist Talkers captain Tyler Violet had returned, a fact confirmed by both the Tigers' and Moist Talkers' management. Since then, Morin and the Presence have made appearances everytime an incineration occurs in a Tigers game.

Ambush Stripes

Ambush Stripes refer to the markings that originally appeared on the Tigers' season 12 championship roster. Only players who evolved while on the Hades Tigers have shown these markings. Since their Season 12 championship, only Ayanna Dumpington has shown the stripes since her evolution due to the Season β18 Blessing, Based Evolution, which caused a random hitter (Dumpington) and pitcher (Owens) to advance.

Player Evolved On Current Team
Richmond Harrison Season 12 Elections Miami Dale, active
Paula Mason Season 12 Elections Houston Spies, Shadowed
Aldon Cashmoney Season 12 Elections Preserved in Season β18
Usurper Violet Season 12 Elections Philly Pies, Shadowed
Carmelo Plums Season 12 Elections Deceased
Ren Morin Season 12 Elections Hades Tigers, Shadowed
Zion Aliciakeyes Season 12 Elections Hades Tigers, Shadowed
Randy Castillo Season 12 Elections Hades Tigers, Shadowed
Mummy Melcon Season 12 Elections Hades Tigers, active
Hiroto Wilcox Season 12 Elections Atlantis Georgias, active
Dunlap Figueroa Season 12 Elections Tokyo Lift, Shadowed
Famous Owens Season 12 & 18 Elections Hades Tigers, active
Ayanna Dumpington Season 18 Elections Hades Tigers, active