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Alexandria Rosales/IF-10.260

Relationship with Blaseball Union Activity

In recent seasons, there have been several grassroots efforts to unionize the ILB. Alexandria Rosales's background, skillset, and political views make them appear to be a prime candidate for being a core union member and/or organizer. However, if asked to join or form such a union, their response tends to be that they "can't do that anymore", followed by disappearing from the public eye entirely for several days.

At one point, a member of another team attempted to corner Rosales with this question while they were both on the same shuttle bus after a game. Rosales demanded that the driver stop and then exited the shuttle bus, walking the remaining two miles back to their hotel on foot. When a reporter asked about this incident the next day, Rosales' only answer was to look down with a blank and silent expression, withdraw a pocketknife from their trenchcoat, and repeatedly flick it open and closed. Fitzgerald Blackburn then revealed their presence, put a hand on the reporter's notebook, and led Rosales away. The reporter's notebook was later found to have had every page dyed black.

Alexandria Rosales/IF-87.445

True Name

Though the details of the incident that led the Spies to recruiting Rosales are classified, at least one eyewitness report suggests that, on the moment of the sword's activation, the blade began to glow with inscribed runes. These runes spelled Alexandria Rosales—the name they chose for themself—in a forgotten tongue. Despite the language being long dead, anyone who looks upon the runes knows for certain that they spell Rosales's chosen, true name, and that no other name will suit.

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