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For the Modifications which make players Over- or Underperform in the Lateseason, see Late to the Party.
For the Team Modification which enhances boosts from Partying, see Life of the Party.

Afterparty is a Team Modification, first seen in Season β15.


When a team with Afterparty is losing, its players will occasionally Party and receive boosts, similar to Party Time.


Afterparty was first seen during the Season β15 Earlsiesta Reading, where the Boston Flowers' III The Empress was drawn in the third position and the team received the Afterparty modification. The Flowers' activated Afterparty once during the week they bore the modification, on Day 33 against the Hellmouth Sunbeams. Inez Owens partied in the seventh inning, while the Flowers trailed the Sunbeams 2-4. In the same season's elections, the Yellowstone Magic won the Afterparty Blessing and gained the modification for the first week of Season β16, resulting in two players Partying that week.

Afterparty was available as a blessing in two subsequent elections - Season β18, won by the Charleston Shoe Thieves; and Season β23, won by the Atlantis Georgias.

Afterparty Parties

Season Day Player Team Score at time of Party
Season 15 33 Inez Owens Boston Flowers 2-4
Season 16 3 Oscar Dollie Yellowstone Magic 1-8
Season 16 4 Curry Aliciakeyes Yellowstone Magic 4-0
Season 19 4 Gunther O'Brian Charleston Shoe Thieves 0-3
Season 24 6 Frankie Hambone Atlantis Georgias 1-2
Season 24 9 Neerie McCloud Atlantis Georgias 1-2

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