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Acidic is a Team Modification first observed in Season β17.


Acidic causes pitchers of that Team to occasionally throw Acidic pitches, which cause any Runs scored on the play to be worth .1 less.


In Season β17, the Xenomorph blessing was offered, promising to change the winning Team's Blood Type to Acidic. The LA Unlimited Tacos, after winning their first Championship, were blessed by Xenomorph, and the following Players had their Blood Type changed to Acidic:

Note: As with other Blood Type-style Modifications, after the initial Blood Type changes, any pitcher on the LA Unlimited Tacos could use the ability granted by Acidic, regardless if their Blood Type is the same or not.


Vito Kravitz throws an Acidic pitch!
Aldon Cashmoney hit a flyout to Basilio Fig's Shell.
Randy Castillo tags up and scores!
(1 Run), Acidic Pitch (0.1 Unruns)
0.9 Runs scored!

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The LA Unlimited Tacos understand Acidic Blood as more specifically Lime Blood, and pitches of this nature are often deemed "zesty."