Stew Briggs

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Stew Briggs is a lineup player for the Kansas City Breath Mints and has been with the team since Season 4, Day 14 when they replaced Whit Steakknife due to incineration.

Official League Records

During the Season 10 election, Briggs received the Repeating modification due to the Breath Mints winning the Rogue Waves blessing.


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Stew Briggs is a renaissance reenactor who joined the Internet Blaseball League to round out her acting experience, mainly at the behest of her college friend, Whit Steakknife. She is an experienced actress, juggler and fencer, and wants to be viewed as a consommate professional in her work. She typically has pieces of mint breathmints in her beard, and her socks are often wet with broth. She has a stocky build, partly from years working on stage lighting.

Briggs and Steakknife were both amateur collegiate blaseball players. During their college years they led their college team the "██████ ████████████ ██████" to many blaseball championships. While both were talented players and scouted by pro blaseball teams for development in the The Underleagues Steakknife was the only one of them to accept an offer. Briggs was a talented actor and Renaissance historian, in part because of her double major in History and Performing Arts, and wanted to pursue opportunities within those fields. Briggs would mostly stick to company or other recreational blaseball leagues to stay in shape and keep her skills up, but did not have an interest in playing blaseball professionally.

After four seasons of professional Blaseball, Steakknife invited Briggs to come see a game in order to help Briggs research a role in an upcoming project. Little did either know it would be the fateful game in which Steakknife would suffer incineration at the hands of a rogue umpire. Witnesses to the event stated that they could hear Steakknife call out in apology to Briggs for the unfortunate and gruesome outcome. Briggs, saddened and enraged by this action, immediately stormed the field put on a Mints uniform and signed on to the team to honor and avenge Steakknife. Briggs's skills from her collegiate days instantly flooded back and she has proven herself as a capable member of the team and leader both on and off the field.

Unsubstantiated Rumors

  • Briggs often will appear a bit uncomfortable when there is greater police presence at the game (particularly at games against the Charleston Shoe Thieves); the true reason for this is as of yet unknown, however some speculate that this is because she is an "esteemed character actress and fugitive from the law." When asked by the press for comment, Briggs simply stated, "I don't know who or what a Bojack Horseman is!" And abruptly ended the press conference.
  • Briggs's preferred bat is not corked, but instead filled with the molten remains of Whit Steakknife himself. Note: At least one independent lab tested a sample of the substance but their results were inconclusive.

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