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0 No is a Team Blood Type Modification, first seen during the Season β10 Election as a result of the O-No Blood Type blessing.


Players playing on a Team with 0 No can never strike out while there are 0 balls in the Count.

Other Blood Types that can force strikeouts, such as Charm, override 0 No and will make hitters strikeout at 0 balls.


The 0 No Blood Type was first seen during the Season β10 Election as a blessing O-No Blood Type, with the description "Oh Yes. Give your Team O No Blood Type.".

The Yellowstone Magic earned this blessing, with the Team earning the modification:

  • O-No Blood Type blessed the Yellowstone Magic.
    • Blood Transfusion.
    • All of the Yellowstone Magic's players now have O No blood type!
    • The Yellowstone Magic now have the power of O No!
    • The Magic had 23% of the votes. The Unlimited Tacos were the highest bidders with 24% of the votes. 913,206 votes were cast.

Chorby Short

On Season β12, Day 1, Magic hitter Chorby Short faced off against Canada Moist Talkers pitcher PolkaDot Patterson. With Patterson's excellent pitching stats, Short was unable to strikeout, and hit 203 Foul Balls over the course of three at-bats, with the first at-bat taking close to 10 minutes[1].


  • The Skipping mod may deactivate 0 No when a batter skips up to bat.
  • Double strikes from Fiery blood may overwrite 0 No if the strike count is full, or one away from full.
  • Pitchers with Charm blood may Charm hitters with 0 blood into striking out, even with an empty Ball count.


  • While the Modification is named 0 No (the numeral zero followed by a Numero sign), the blood type associated with this modification is named O No (A commonplace expression of surprise or dismay, more commonly styled as "Oh no".)

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