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The Yellowstone Magic are a Blaseball team in the Chaotic Evil division of the Evil Conference. They have been a part of Internet League Blaseball since Season AA. Magic were previously in the Chaotic Good division of the Good League and the Mild Low division of the Mild League.


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Expansion Era (End)

Lineup Rotation

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Season Results

Coronation Era

Season Wins Record Postseason Season Summary
1 - The Return(s) 51 51-39 Wind Sprints gave the Magic's Lineup 1 Star of Defense and 1 Star of Running.
2 - Official Review 61 61-29 Lost 2-3 vs. Flowers NEW Pitching Boost gave the Magic's Rotation 1 Star of Pitching.

Historical Seasons

Season Record Win % Division Placement Season Notes
1 63-36 .636 1st Eliminated in the Round of 8 by the Boston Flowers
2 49-50 .494 3rd
3 53-46 .535 3rd
4 49-50 .495 3rd
5 45-54 .455 4th
6 43-56 .434 4th
7 46-53 .465 3rd
8 29-70 .293 5th
9 35-64 .354 4th
10 32-67 .323 4th
11 45-48 .484* 5th Chosen as The Mild Wild Card

Wild Card League vs. the Dallas Steaks:

Yellowstone Magic won 2-1

Mild League Round 1 vs. Canada Moist Talkers:

Yellowstone Magic won 3-1

Mild League Championship vs. Seattle Garages:

Seattle Garages won 4-1

*Season 11's Win% is inaccurate due to interference from Sun 2 and Black Hole. This is only the record as presented by the standings.

12 47-52 .475 4th Only had 46 wins counted due to Black Hole.
13 55-44 .556 4th
14 63-36 .636 2nd Had 65 Wins counted

Mild League Round 1 vs. Philly Pies:

Yellowstone Magic won 3-1

Mild league Round 2 vs. Canada Moist Talkers:

Canada Moist Talkers won 3-2

15 52-47 .525 4'th Had 53 Wins counted.
16 53-46 .535 3'rd
17 72-27 .727 1'st Had 71 wins counted.

Mild Series Round 1 vs Hawai'i Fridays:

Hawai'i Fridays won 3-1

18 53-46 .535 3'rd Had 54 wins counted.
19 35-64 .354 1'st (5'th) Had 37 Unwins counted.

Mild League Round 1 vs. Charleston Shoe Thieves:

Yellowstone Magic won 3-0

Mild League Round 2 vs. Seattle Garages:

Seattle Garages won 3-2

20 42-57 .424 5'th Had 42 Wins counted.
21 48-51 .485 4'th Had 64 Wins counted.
22 31-68 .313 5'th Had 42 Wins Counted.

Mild League Underbracket Round 1 vs New York Millennials

Yellowstone Magic "Won" 3-0, Millennials Advance

Historical Election Summaries

At the end of Season β5, the Bad Neighbors blessing impaired the Magic's overall rating by 3%.

At the end of Season β6, the Mutually Arising blessing improved the Magic's overall rating by 2%.

At the end of Season β10, the O-No Blood Type blessing changed the entire team's blood types to O No and granted the Magic the 0 No modification. They also benefited from the effects of the Shadow Ban Together blessing won by the Charleston Shoe Thieves, boosting their shadows by 3%.

In the Season β11 elections, the Magic were assigned the Arcana I The Magician.

In the Season β12 elections, the Alternate Will gave Cory Twelve the Alternate Modification. They also received the Exchange will, trading Twelve for King Weatherman. In addition, they received the Summoning Circle blessing, which re-rolled both Chorby Short and Wyatt Glover's stats.

In the Season β13 elections, the Magic received the Infuse and Foreshadow wills, voting to infuse Chorby Short, and sending Wyatt Glover into the shadows in exchange for Tiana Wheeler.

During the Season β14 elections, the Magic received the Nut Button blessing, which made all allergic players no longer allergic to Peanuts. They also received the Precognition blessing, which boosted hitting for Chorby Short, Kurt Crueller, and Tiana Wheeler. They received the Trust and Foreshadow wills, giving Chorby Short the Homebody modification and sending Washer Barajas into the shadows in exchange for Wyatt Glover.

During the Season β15 elections, the Magic received the Transfuse will, increasing Inky Rutledge's pitching at the cost of defense. Their other will was an attempt to Plunder the Redacted Chorby Short, but this failed, as Short remained Redacted while also becoming Unstable. They also received the Afterparty blessing, gaining the modification of the same name for the next season, and the Dirty Bulk blessing, improving Tiana Wheeler's Musclitude.

During the Season β17 elections, the Magic received the Plunder and Move wills, swapping Bevan Wise in exchange for Sexton Wheerer and moving Francisco Preston from the Shadows to the lineup. The Magic also received the Strange Attractor blessing, recruiting Tiana Wheeler into the lineup from the Kansas City Breath Mints.

During the Season β18 elections, the Magic received the Shadow Infuse and Foreshadow wills, boosting Eizabeth Elliott's pitching and swapping them for Melton Telephone. They were also affected by the LA Unlimited Tacos' Equivalent Exchange will, trading Sexton Wheerer for Bevan Wise, and the Breckenridge Jazz Hands' Equivalent Exchange will, trading Logan Rodriguez for Wyatt Pothos. The Magic also won the Flex and Quenched blessings, sorting their lineup by descending Musclitude and increasing their Base Thirst. Finally, they received the Roamin' Evelton McBlase II from the Chicago Firefighters.

During the Season 19 elections, the Magic received the Equivalent Exchange and Shadow Infuse wills, swapping Evelton McBlase II in exchange for Halexandrey Walton of the Tokyo Lift and boosting Washer Barajas' batting ability. They were also affected by the Breckenridge Jazz Hands' Equivalent Exchange will, trading Wyatt Pothos for Logan Rodriguez. The Magic won the Defense Practise blessing, boosting all active players' Defense by 1-4%. Finally, they received a Free Gift from The Monitor due to an earlier Gift Shop malfunction, and a Sun(Sun) Ballpark Modification from The Boss.

During the Season β20 elections, the Magic received the Item Steal and Reform wills, stealing Orville Manco's Force Field of Observation from the Steaks for James Mora, and reforming Tiana Wheeler's Attractor Modification to Flinch. In addition, the Magic won the TWO FREAKIN BATS blessing, which gave items to Francisco Preston and Halexandrey Walton, and recruited Wyatt Glover to the lineup through the Strange Attractor blessing.

During the Season β21 elections, the Magic received the Move and Roster Swap Wills, moving Wyatt Glover from Lineup to Rotation, and swapping Bones Piazza from the Shadows with Halexandrey Walton. They also won the blessing Shadow Alternate Trust, rerolling all of the Shadows players' stat totals while maintaining their star counts, and granted them the Negative modification. In addition, the Magic won the Complete 180 and Unmmovable Object blessings, flipping their most eDense players Wyatt Glover and Curry Aliciakeyes's eDensities.

During the Season β22 elections, the Magic received the Move, Magnify, and Take Wills thanks to receiving a Free Will. This resulted in Magic Moving Logan Rodriguez from the Shadows to the Lineup, Magnifying Bevan Wise, and Taking Marco Stink's Hot Bat of Stamina to give to Tiana Wheeler, causing Wheeler to drop Chorby's Soul II. The Magic won the Mass Attraction blessing, recruiting Alx Keming from the Chicago Firefighters to their Shadows, and Little Swap, exchanging Tiana Wheeler for Ziwa Mueller with the Canada Moist Talkers. They also won the Outsider Trading blessing, granting items with the Trader modifier to all Shadow players. In addition, they received the Roster Flip blessing, granting the Negative status to all non-Negative players and removing Negative from any already Negative players. The Magic were also affected by other teams' blessings in the election, sending The Axel Cardenas to the Seattle Garages due to their Gachapon Blessing, having the Skipping Modification applied to Logan Rodriguez via the Ohio Worms' Record Scratch Blessing, and having the Subtractor Modification applied to Francisco Preston via the Hawai'i Fridays' Subtractor Avoidance Blessing.

Team Overview

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

For a more in-depth look at the team, see Yellowstone Magic/History.

The Magic play at Yellowstone National Park (Ballpark), located in Yellowstone National Park (Parkpark). The team is particularly well known to fans of ILB for their seemingly supernatural ability to steal bases, and boast some of the best runners league-wide.

The Magic pull their rookies from various teams in The Underleagues, including the Great Smoky Mountain Druids, the Grand Canyon Sorcerers, and the Glacier Warlocks. They generally do not accept players from the Yosemite Slams, as it causes too many clerical errors.

The team is currently owned by the Park Service. It was previously owned by the Oconnor family prior to Famous Oconnor's incineration. The Magic are well-known for their unique method of transportation to home games.

The team draws their alternates from a mysterious team known as the Yello Magio. There are no photographs or records of the Magio, but their existence is confirmed through secondary sources, including Official League Merchandise bearing their logo.


The Solar Panel

Between Earlsiesta and Latesiesta of Season 14, funding was collected for the creation of "Solar Panels" within Yellowstone National Park (Ballpark). Due to an internal error[1], this funding was instead used to establish and create an endowment for the perpetuation of The Solar Panel, a group of experts in managing extradimensional run storage and supersolar events.[2]

The makeup of the Panel is a closely guarded secret. However, due to its nature as a "weather", it is widely believed that King Weatherman holds a seat on the Panel. Outside sources[3] have also confirmed that at least one seat is held by the National Park Service, which delegates a respondent each time the Panel is convened. The Panel is confirmed to have at least 10 members, as seen when they were seen activating a ritual circle around the Park's run storage facilities before Season 15, Day 13[4], and again on Season 24, Day 48[5].

When the Panel was first assembled, a number of anonymous complaints were filed with the ILB, citing concerns of bias and run fraud. These accusations have yet to be substantiated, however, as the Solar Panel has by and large stored more runs for visiting teams than for the Magic themselves.


The Yellowstone Magic have a Wizard's Council of Mascots.[1] The exact number of mascots is unknown and unknowable, but Magic fans speculate that anywhere between 40 and 70 percent of all animal life in Yellowstone National Park may be mascots. When approached, the Park Service declined to comment.

Names given to Mascots are simply what the Magic calls them. Their true names are unknown. These names are unknowable (or the mascots are just shy). Theories about size limitations of mascots have been left unexplored. Realizing the fact that there could be microscopic mascots around us right now or that one day a leviathan class mascot could walk out from behind Mount Washburn could be very distressing to fans of the Magic.

Known Mascots include:

  • Archmage Hexley
  • Barry Bison Bones
  • Jaqueline the Jackalope
  • Tycho "T" Rex
  • My Dad
  • THE FRIZZ (on Wednesdays)
  • The Recordkeeper
  • Big 6

Yellowstone Mascot Gallery

Fan Culture

For a more in-depth look at fan culture, see Yellowstone Magic/Fan Culture.


Fan chants are carefully vetted by the Park Service for adverse mystical potential before being allowed during a live blaseball game. Select ones are listed here:

  • As Above! (Followed by) So Below!
  • Leave no trace!
  • HOCUS POCUS (clap clap clapclapclap)

For more chants, see Chants/Mantras.

Fan Art

  1. This is based on the Air Bud Principle, which states that there's no rule in blaseball that says you can't have multiple mascots.