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This page is about the second season of the Coronation Era. For other uses, see Season 2 (disambiguation).

Season 2 was the second Season of the Coronation Era. The Regular Season began on January 23, 2023 and concluded on January 27, 2023, followed by the Postseason and Internet Series on January 28, 2023. The Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams defeated the Boston Flowers 3 wins to 1 to win the Internet Series, and recieved a Golden Record of 71-19 from the Commissioner.

Notable Events


As the season began the Crew of Umpires appeared to deliver a brief message and reveal decrees to be voted on.


Horizon Burps

During Horizon weather, players have a chance of falling out of the Black Hole (Black Hole) and can either become buried on The Field or fall on an active player. Players who have been landed on are replaced by the fallen player and move to the Shadows. Buried players are assigned to one of the teams, but are not visible on the team page and do not play.

Buried Players

Day Player Receiving Team
7 Joyner Rugrat Atlantis Georgias
9 Yams Sokol Dallas Steaks
10 Caleb Alvarado LA Unlimited Tacos
17 Marco Stink Dallas Steaks
41 Doc Anice Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams
54 Pedro Davids Seattle Garages
68 Cell Longarms Canada Moist Talkers
68 Millipede Aqualuft Yellowstone Magic
79 Leach Herman Mexico City Wild Wings
86 Irnee Bluesky Ohio Worms
93 Icarus Harrow San Francisco Lovers

Crashed Players

Day Player Fallen Player Hit Team
3 Ayanna Dumpington Mindy Kugel Kansas City Breath Mints
10 Erin Beanbag Donia Bailey LA Unlimited Tacos
40 Basilio Fig Mags Highlife Hawai'i Fridays

Crew of Umpires and Solar Eclipses

With the league under Official Review and the Forbidden Book reopened, four kinds of Solar Eclipse are in play, Blue, Red, Gold, and Silver. These appear to correspond to the four Umpires on the Crew of Umpires, which are able to cause different effects under the different Solar Eclipses.

Known actions so far:

Red Solar Eclipse (Mage Umpire)

Day Player Affected Effect Team
3 Vaquita Magno Ruled in Magno's favor, boosting their attributes Baltimore Crabs
4 Haruta Byrd Called Byrd's Alternate Hawai'i Fridays
23 Daniel Mendoza Called Mendoza's Alternate Boston Flowers
24 Ryuji Ngozi Called Ngozi's Alternate New York Millennials
42 Bonk Jokes Called Jokes's Alternate Broken Ridge Jazz Hands
53 Ralph Vincent Called Vincent's Alternate Chicago Firefighters
57 Jammy Decksetter Called Decksetter's Alternate Charleston Shoe Thieves
62 Neerie McCloud Called McCloud's Alternate Core Mechanics
64 Carter O'connor Ruled in O'connor's favor, boosting their attributes Mexico City Wild Wings
66 Vernon Shotwell Called Shotwell's Alternate Yellowstone Magic
67 Ralph Vincent Called Vincent's Alternate Chicago Firefighters
77 Edric Tosser Ruled in Tosser's favor, boosting their attributes Miami Dale
84 Niu Chen Called Chen's Alternate Core Mechanics
85 Elijah Valenzuela Called Valenzuela's Alternate Hawai'i Fridays
88 Sheri Friday Called Friday's Alternate Core Mechanics

Silver Solar Eclipse (Knight Umpire)

Day Player Affected Effect Team
6 Winnie Hess Hess parried a Knight Umpire's swear Ohio Worms
10 Badgerson Stromboli Stromboli parried a Knight Umpire's swear Ohio Worms
12 Letitia Diop A Knight swore at Diop, who then embarked on a Side Quest. Rocket Hadji clocked in. Mexico City Wild Wings
19 Agan Espinoza Ruled in Espinoza's favor, boosting their attributes Dallas Steaks
20 Yosh Carpenter Carpenter parried a Knight Umpire's swear Chicago Firefighters
35 Sevgi Gore A Knight swore at Gore, who then embarked on a Side Quest. Scratch Deleuze clocked in. Houston Spies
40 Muna Sichantha A Knight swore at Sichantha, who then embarked on a Side Quest. No players clocked in. San Francisco Lovers
50 Chambers Simmons A Knight swore at Simmons, who then embarked on a Side Quest. No players clocked in. Seattle Garages
58 Ajax Murphy Murphy parried a Knight Umpire's swear Ohio Worms
61 Tahini Poinsettia Poinsettia parried a Knight Umpire's swear Miami Dale
82 Flan Prince A Knight swore at Prince, who then embarked on a Side Quest. No players clocked in. Charleston Shoe Thieves
88 Tad Seeth Seeth parried a Knight Umpire's swear Canada Moist Talkers

Gold Solar Eclipse (Bard Umpire)

Day Player Affected Effect Team
10 Tiana Takahashi Takahashi dodged the Bard Umpire's curse Tokyo Lift
14 Anathema Elemefayo Elemefayo dodged the Bard Umpire's curse Hawai'i Fridays
19 Jenkins Good Ruled in Good's favor, boosting their attributes LA Unlimited Tacos
26 Jenkins Ingram Cursed Ingram with Can't Lose Boston Flowers
30 Tad Seeth Seeth dodged the Bard Umpire's curse Canada Moist Talkers
49 Winnie Hess Hess dodged the Bard Umpire's curse Ohio Worms
53 Özlem Suttner Cursed Suttner with Can't Lose Tokyo Lift
57 Stephanie Donaldson Donaldson dodged the Bard Umpire's curse Broken Ridge Jazz Hands
66 Sherbet Baek Ruled in Baek's favor, boosting their attributes San Francisco Lovers
81 Sigmund Castillo Cursed Castillo with Can't Lose Broken Ridge Jazz Hands
81 Faye Melange Ruled in Melange's favor, boosting their attributes Houston Spies

Blue Solar Eclipse (Rogue Umpire)

Day Player Affected Effect Team
17 Velasquez Alstott Rogue Umpire Incinerated Alstott. Replaced by Hana Wildebeest Hades Tigers
22 Chae DeShields Rogue Umpire Incinerated DeShields. Replaced by Juke Gnocchi Baltimore Crabs
23 Jana Beats Ruled in Beats's favor, boosting their attributes New York Millennials
23 Beef Knight Rogue Umpire Incinerated Knight. Replaced by Flan Prince Charleston Shoe Thieves
27 Ramiel Jang Rogue Umpire Incinerated Jang. Replaced by Muna Sichantha San Francisco Lovers
28 Baldwin Jones Rogue Umpire Incinerated Jones. Replaced by Baker Caster Mexico City Wild Wings
30 Soojin Gloom Rogue Umpire Incinerated Gloom. Replaced by Piper Legume LA Unlimited Tacos
41 Rivers Rosa Rogue Umpire Incinerated Rosa. Replaced by Mimosa Arslan Houston Spies
43 Inky Rutledge Rogue Umpire Incinerated Rutledge. Replaced by Duncan Phantom Yellowstone Magic
56 Khulan Sagaba Ruled in Sagaba's favor, boosting their attributes Canada Moist Talkers
56 Steals Mondegreen Rogue Umpire Incinerated Mondegreen. Replaced by Leandra Beech Hades Tigers
68 Mimosa Arslan Rogue Umpire Incinerated Arslan. Replaced by Hye Brighella Houston Spies
68 Ramirez Winters Rogue Umpire Incinerated Winters. Replaced by Avery Cascabel Baltimore Crabs
79 Leandra Beech Rogue Umpire Incinerated Beech. Replaced by Verity Gander Hades Tigers


Following Day 65, Blaseball was put into a Siesta in order to resolve slowdown issues with the games, after Day 65 resulted in another set of multiple spillovers. This resulted in an announcement.


A few minutes later games returned for Day 65 only to be put back on Siesta again after that to resolve stabillity issues.The Ticker was updated to reflect this and the website was changed to read "PLEASE WAIT" again. Around an hour later the site returned to games with Day 66. As a response to this the UBI for that day was given out 4 times.

Questing Results

As a result of their Knighted Modification, which was given during Solar Eclipse (Silver) Weather. Chambers Simmons "found a Heart and [felt] renewed", on Day 71. The result of this was an overall boost to their Attributes, which resulted in their batting reaching 5.5 stars.

On Day 91, Flan Prince "retreated from sounds of scuttling". This resulted in a decrease to their Attributes, that was less than Simmons increase.

Postseason Switch

After round 1 of the Postseason, the Yellowstone Magic and Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams swapped places in the Postseason. This resulted in the Yellowstone Magic playing in the Good Conference and the Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams playing in the Evil Conference. As a result of this the Sunbeams managed to become the Evil Conference winners despite being in the Good Conference. The reason for the switch was ascribed by Facts Machine (in a message) and the Commissioner (on twitter) as being due to "INTERNAL ERROR".

Ongoing Decrees

Following the Season 1 election, the following decree was in place for Season 2:


Good Conference Record Evil Conference Record
Awful Good Awful Evil
Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams 🌞* 71-19 Atlantis Georgias 🔱* 52-38
Charleston Shoe Thieves 👟* 59-31 Broken Ridge Jazz Hands 👐 49-41
Miami Dale 🚤 48-42 Dallas Steaks 🥩 41-49
Baltimore Crabs 🦀 45-45 Chicago Firefighters 🔥 41-49
Philly Pies 🥧 42-48 Core Mechanics 🛠️ 38-52
Hades Tigers 🐅 24-66 Houston Spies 🕵️ 27-63
Chaotic Good Chaotic Evil
Boston Flowers 🌹* 60-30 Yellowstone Magic * 61-29
San Francisco Lovers 💋* 49-41 Mexico City Wild Wings 🍗* 59-31
Kansas City Breath Mints 🍬 48-42 Hawai'i Fridays 🏝️* 59-31
Canada Moist Talkers 🗣️ 37-53 Seattle Garages 🎸 43-47
LA Unlimited Tacos 🌮 34-56 Ohio Worms 🐌 34-56
New York Millennials 📱 26-64 Tokyo Lift 🏋️‍ 33-57

* Denotes teams that made it to the playoffs.


Four teams from each Conference advance to the postseason, consisting of the four best performing teams in the Conference seeded by Wins..

Teams alternate home games with the higher seed hosting first. The Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Internet Series are all best-of-five.

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Internet Series
  1 Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams 3  
4 San Francisco Lovers 1  
  2 Boston Flowers 3  
Good Conference
  1 Yellowstone Magic* 2  
2 Boston Flowers 3
  3 Charleston Shoe Thieves 0  
    GC Boston Flowers 1
  EC Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams* 3
  1 Yellowstone Magic 3  
4 Atlantis Georgias 2  
  2 Hawai'i Fridays 1
Evil Conference
  1 Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams* 3  
2 Hawai'i Fridays 3
  3 Mexico City Wild Wings 0  

*Denotes teams sent to the opposite Semifinals bracket due to "INTERNAL ERROR".[2]

Election Ballot


The Decree with the most community votes will go into effect. During this Season the Decree options were under the title of "Crew Chief" with the subtile of "Name a Crew Chief to Review and Enforce the Rules next Season."

Icon Name Effect
Bard Umpire Name the Bard Umpire as the Crew Chief to Review and Enforce the Rules next Season.
Knight Umpire Name the Knight Umpire as the Crew Chief to Review and Enforce the Rules next Season.
Mage Umpire Name the Mage Umpire as the Crew Chief to Review and Enforce the Rules next Season.
Rogue Umpire Name the Rogue Umpire as the Crew Chief to Review and Enforce the Rules next Season.


Each Blessing will be awarded to a randomly selected team. Votes from a team's fans increase the likelihood of that team receiving a blessing. Each team can win at most one blessing.

Name Effect
Yeet Send your Team's worst Player into the Black Hole and receive a random Player back.
NEW Pitching Boost Your Team's Pitching is boosted by 1 Star.
Magnetic Fielder Boost the Magnet of the worst Defender on your Team by 3 Stars.
Wind Sprints Your Team's Defense and Running are boosted by 1 Star.
Mage Strike The Mage Umpire will Strike one of your Division Rivals.
Knight Strike The Knight Umpire will Strike one of your Division Rivals.
Dark Matter Steal 5 random Players from the Black Hole.
NEW Batting Boost Your Team's Batting is boosted by 1 Star.
Rogue Strike The Rogue Umpire will Strike one of your Division Rivals.
Ball Hawk Reposition your best Defender to Midfielder and increase their Reach by 3 Stars.
Learn to Defend Re-roll the Defense of your worst Defender.
Bard Strike The Bard Umpire will Strike one of your Division Rivals.
Strong Start Sort your Lineup by Batting Rating.
Telekinesis Boost the Control of a random Pitcher on your Team by 3 Stars.
Shadow Play Swap your worst Player out for someone in your Shadows.

Election Results


  • Bard Umpire


List of Blessings Results

  • Teamicon millennials.png
    Ball Hawk
    • Ren Hunter Repositions to Midfielder and gains 3 Stars of Reach!
    • Won with 4.2772%
  • Teamicon flowers.png
    Strong Start
  • Teamicon wild wings.png
    Shadow Play
    • Atma Blueberry is called up to replace Baker Caster.
    • Baker Caster retreats to the shadows...
    • Won with 24.5716%
    • Note: When this blessing originally fired, no player replaced Baker Caster and they briefly disappeared as a result.
  • Teamicon sunbeams.png
    Learn to Defend
  • Teamicon lovers.png
    Magnetic Fielder
    • Alvie Kesh gains 3 Stars of Magnet.
    • Won with 9.4639%
  • Teamicon shoe thieves.png
  • Teamicon moist talkers.png
    Wind Sprints
  • Teamicon magic.png
    NEW Pitching Boost
  • Teamicon tacos.png
    NEW Batting Boost

Takeover Messages

Prior to the reveal of the Election results, the Crew of four Umpires appeared to announce the new Crew Chief.



Siesta Announcement

On Friday, February 3rd, 2023, The Game Band would make their second Post on the website, announcing an Extended Siesta to prepare the site for Season 3.

An Update from The Game Band (2/3/23)
Hey Blaseball Fans,

We’ve spent the last year planning for the future, building and rebuilding the Sim, and figuring out how to run Blaseball in a way that’s sustainable for us as a team. Finally, after that long hiatus, Blaseball returned with a new Era. Rejoice!

…But that rejoicing quickly turned into some confusion and frustration. Put plainly, even with all the work we did, we still didn’t get Blaseball to where we wanted it to be for this launch.

Our hope was to be able to iterate and improve post-launch, but as we tried to do that, we realized it just wasn’t realistic for the amount that needed to be done. And it was negatively impacting your experience. We need to make improvements. We’ve heard your concerns about things like accessibility, missing features, site navigation and performance issues, and often found you saying the exact same things we were saying to each other.

In order to get the game where it needs to be, we’re pausing the Era for now. This is NOT going to be a repeat of our last Siesta — we are going to come back as soon as possible.

We’re really excited about the Era of Blaseball we have planned for you. What you’ve seen so far is only the tiniest tip of the iceberg.

We’ll be posting & emailing you weekly updates as we make these improvements.

Stay tuned.

The Game Band
Avatar thegameband.png @thegameband

February 10, 2023 Update

On Friday, February 10th, 2023, The Game Band would post their first development update concerning the siesta. They announced some upcoming interface additions as well as a survey active at the time of original posting.

An Update from The Game Band (2/10/23)
Hey Blaseball Fans,

This week, the studio has been focusing on retrospectives: looking back to determine where things went great, where things went not-great, and generally doing a bunch of process updates to make sure we learn from our old mistakes. Not just with the relaunch, but also throughout the Era when we’re live again!

On top of the retrospectives, TGB’s dev team has been hard at work testing and building Blaseball interface updates like weather icons (they’re back!), bet indicators on live games, easier site navigation, universal game days, and more information you might want on past games in the ‘Schedule’ view. They’ve been going through known site issues compiled by QA and are working with designers on prioritizing fixes.

We would like to get some more feedback from you, yes you! We’ve put together a survey that will help us learn more about your experience and priorities, and we’re also beginning to organize user interviews.

See you next Friday with another update!

The Game Band
Avatar thegameband.png @thegameband

February 17, 2023 Update

On Friday, February 17th, 2023, The Game Band would post another development update concerning the siesta, notably introducing patch notes.

An Update from The Game Band (2/17/23)
Hey Blaseball Fans,

Thank you so much for your survey responses! This week, as we’ve been working on the web and mobile Blaseball experiences, that feedback has already proved extremely helpful to us. So seriously, thank you. We’re busy going through all your thoughts to make sure we’re on the same page about what fixes we’re prioritizing.

According to you all, the three most important features for us to work on are: Site Navigation (38.5%), Post-game event surfacing (29.6%), and The Feed (29.1%). We've actually been testing Event Surfacing and a reworked Site Nav since the start of this Siesta, and a large majority of other issues, like the frustrating mobile experience and accessibility concerns, are already high priorities for us.

As we move forward and solidify our plans, our team is still working hard on bug fixes and improvements, so we’re going to start including Patch Notes whenever we can in this and future updates.

You’ll hear from us soon about user interviews.

See you next Friday!

The Game Band

Patch Notes 2/17/23

Web client

  • Fans now have the ability to reset a forgotten account password
  • Some behind the scenes work for [FAN-FAVORITE MECHANIC SPOILER]
  • Backend styling and efficiency updates

Sim / Backend

  • New tiebreaker logic
  • Reorganizing some election setup code
  • Setup for [SPOILER] mechanics & weather
  • API stability improvements
  • Fix bugged batting lineups due to player roster changes from weather effects


  • Backend styling and efficiency updates
  • Betting & navigation improvements
  • Past game outcomes & weather results
  • Deep linking support
  • Fix login session persistence
  • Schedule improvements

Avatar thegameband.png @thegameband

February 24, 2023 Announcement

On February 24, 2023, The Game Band posted another development update, this time concerning internal testing of social features and changes in internal processes.

An Update from The Game Band (2/24/23)
Hey Blaseball Fans!

This week has been a lot of testing and prioritizing. We’ve spoken in the past about how excited we are to show off what the design team has planned for this Era, and we’re testing a bunch of it to make sure it’s as functional in execution as it is cool in our brains. Continuing with this theme, our game designers are fleshing out and balancing Era mechanics. We look forward to showing you when the time comes!

We're also testing some Blaseball social features for further down the line: Community staged a company PVP (against ourselves) and asked TGB employees to cause as many problems as possible, in order to test our tools so far. It was very illustrative, and our team members are abundantly creative for making mayhem.

Everyone here, but especially our engineers, were so happy to see your responses to last week's patch notes! We are going to make sure to include them going forward whenever we have them.

Finally, those retrospective conversations we told you about have really come to fruition with big process changes internally, which translates to lots of positive improvements in the longer-term development of Blaseball.

Our path forward is looking a lot clearer, and we should have more concrete info for you very soon.

See you next Friday!

The Game Band
Avatar thegameband.png @thegameband

March 3, 2023 Announcement

On March 3, 2023, The Game Band posted another development update, which revealed the return of the Idol Board.

An Update from The Game Band (3/3/23)
Hey Blaseball Fans,

In the last patch notes, we censored out a certain fan-favorite mechanic that's being worked on, and a bunch of you guessed what it is correctly anyways. Idols and Idol Boards are among the first features coming back! They'll be doing some new things, and the test builds are looking great.

We're continuing to work on things based on your feedback. This week, we've been increasing stability, addressing some concerns about font size and the legibility of team colors, continuing our interface update, and finishing up with scoping everything to make sure Blaseball is a more enjoyable experience when we're back.

See you next Friday with more updates!

The Game Band



  • More work on deep linking support

Sim / Elections

  • Setup for future election outcomes
  • Future weekly mechanic setup
  • Idols board mechanics setup
  • Added future weather and mods
  • Fix for future weather effect crashing the sim
  • Fix for gamelogs history not being saved properly
  • [SPOILER] now results in Consequences
  • Distinguishing serial numbers added to [SPOILER]
  • Fix for [SPOILER] not adding players to the correct team

Site / API

  • Fix for certain election endpoints causing HTTP 500 errors
  • Database performance improvements for various operations on player attributes
  • Fix for site blackscreening under on teams that are [SPOILER]


  • Fixes and improvements for season schedule setup scripts
  • Workflow improvements & efficiency updates

Other things worked on

  • UI/UX polish and navigation improvements
  • Font size testing

Avatar thegameband.png @thegameband

March 10, 2023 Announcement

On March 10, 2023, The Game Band posted another development update, musing on icons for Modifications and updates to the mobile experience.

An Update from The Game Band (3/10/23)
Hey Blaseball Fans!

We’ve been heads down on finalizing our relaunch plans to ensure it happens as seamlessly as possible. It’s not a fun detail, but it is an essential one!

Much of our work lately would be considered spoilers, but we have been working on some exciting stuff we know Fans have asked about. In particular, we’ve been exploring what it would take to have custom modification icons for players. While we don’t know if it’s something we will be able to do (there are a lot of mods!), the initial exploration has been exciting. Readability on the site has been a topic of conversation as of late, mod icons are just one part of a larger conversation on UI, font, and images.

We’re already seeing a positive impact from those workflow changes we mentioned in previous updates, which means we should have a relaunch plan ready to show you soon, with a timeline for when we're aiming to come back. Our patch notes this week are mostly focused on mobile as we prepare to dive into further site improvements.

See you next Friday!

The Game Band

Patch Notes


  • Made it possible to link to several pages, including Teams, Standings, and Tournaments via the cover CTAs
  • Updated button and tab styling
  • Cut off the overflowing corners on some rounded rectangles
  • Made cover CTA buttons use Team colors
  • Made settings button easier to select
  • Deep linking

Sim / Elections

  • [Future Weather construction noises]

Avatar thegameband.png @thegameband

March 17, 2023 Announcement

On March 17, 2023, The Game Band posted another development update, this time focusing on larger site changes and shorter updates going forward.

An Update from The Game Band (3/17/23)
Hey Blaseball Fans!

We're pausing longer updates while we go heads down to focus on larger changes for relaunch. We'll continue updating patch notes when there’s significant work to report on.

What’s on the teams plate right now doesn't always break down into weekly chunks, so we will focus these updates on meaningful progress and big news moving forward. Posts will still go up on Fridays!

See you soon!

The Game Band

Patch Notes

Web client

  • Visual polish for schedule section headers, team colors, and font sizes for readability


  • Visual polish for schedule headers and updated team colors
  • More work on deep linking support (teams, standings, & tournament pages)
  • Styling and usability improvements for tabs, buttons, and other UI components
  • Internal documentation cleanup
    Avatar thegameband.png @thegameband

  1. BLASEBALL COMMISSIONER ALTERNATE [@blaseball]. (23 January 2023). "Official Review. 1pm eastern, 10am pacific 🩸⚾️". (Tweet) - via Twitter
  2. Fun Fact! Evil Conference Champions Season 2!
    Fun Fact!
    Due to INTERNAL ERROR, the Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams (Awful Good) were able to claim this Season's Evil Conference Championship.
    Avatar facts machine.png @facts_machine